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How our love of nature, and each other, has helped form Emergi

Karyn was working in community health, thinking about sustainability from the point of view of local empowerment and wellbeing. Eric was working in solar energy, thinking about how the average consumer could take advantage of the energy transition the way corporations have. After years of venting about our jobs to each other, we felt we might be able to build something better.

What is Emergi?

Emergi is a nonprofit cooperative providing members with solar power from the electric grid. Our mission is to help folks save money and make an impact with just their power bill. By bringing together people from across the country who believe in simple and transparent access to renewable energy, we are working to make the energy transition more equitable and accessible to everyone. 

When you pay your bill through Emergi, we pool our profits into an Energy Equity Endowment that has two key purposes:
1. Support our customers in accessing affordable solar energy and locking in their rate against inflation year over year
2. Provide access to bill payment support, rooftop solar financing, and other community solar programs to those who would typically not be able to access these things. 
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We're building a life - and a business - together, and we'd love to have you join us.

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